Making my own formula steering wheel.

Hello everyone,

So recently, since I have a lot of free time I got an idea to make a formula steering wheel for my g29.
The problem occurs when it comes to wiring all the buttons and encoders.
At the begining I wanted to use one of Arduino boards since they are quite cheap.
But when I did some research on such topic, a lot of people prefer to use Leo Bodnar Boards.
So I bought a BBI-32 along with two rotary switches.

The problem is that I wanted to use 14 buttons, two rotary switches and two rotary encoders.
The BBI-32 can handle only 32 inputs, whereas one rotary switch alone take 12 of these.
I found out that you can do some matrix with buttons which can reduce amount of used inputs
but didn't find anyone who does it with BBI-32.
Is it even possible to fit all these inputs I want to use on such a board?

Second question is how can I connect rotary encoders such as this one to BBI-32:

I have also came across such post CLICK where a guy does a similar project and uses same BBI32 board.
Unfortunatelly its quite old and doesn't answer my questions.

Thank you for all help :)

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