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Making lights work?



Does anyone have a tutorial on how to make lighting work in a track instead of it going to about 7:00 pm track time and it goes pitch black.

Ive read through this forum and have found nothing on how to actually make the lights give off light.Any help is greatly appreciated.

Erwin Greven

retired from this site.
Apr 4, 2009
I've got that same "problem" now. I want to have the lighting poles give light for the night part of the race.

I searched on this forum with the tags: lightning, light.


Aug 19, 2009
Am also searching the forums on lighting.
For me- to begin with- where do you get lighting poles!?
Is that in one of the xpacks?


Mar 23, 2009
Probably you only have NightlightXXglow.gmt instances into your GDB file. For each Nightlight instance you must have a corresponding NightlightXX otherwise the lamps will be burning all the time.

Just open a GDB file from any ISI Track and look how they organize the instances NightLightglow and NightLight, very sure that you'll figure this issue out.


May 4, 2009
I don't mean to hijack a thread, but I didn't know weather to make a new topic about this or ask in here. The thread is titled 'making lights work' so I presume this fits in here. :D

I have a problem with Start Lights, I have made my own start lights, but I can't get them to export as STARTLIGHT.GMT and STARTLIGHTGLOW.GMT.

I opened the Default Xpack in Xpacker and used it as a reference to set up mine. I have 2 models, STARTLIGHT.3ds and STARTLIGHTGLOW.3ds (Startlight.3ds consisted of the structure and the start lights). I got the light textures from Toban and put them on my model. I also tried with 3 modles splitting startlight.3ds into startlight_structure.3ds and startlight.3ds.

I'm confused as to how Brendon has done his, there are 3 separate models, but they all come together as one, I can't get that to happen. I have named all the materials in Xpacker (GRLTA, GRLTGLOWA, etc etc), I set keep material name, I set the animation. But no matter how much I set, I cant get them to come together as 1 single object and I cant get them to export with the correct names. Even if I rename the gmt files and edit the .scn, I still can't get them to work in game.


Mar 18, 2009
Add both as objects, set up your materials as you've done, make sure you save everytime you change anything, saves headaches later.
Then you need to create a complex object and put Startlight and Startlightglow in as children. Make sure when you added your objects you selected the Properties at the bottom for Startlight and Startlightglow.


May 4, 2009
Thankyou RT! I also just got your light tutorial and briefing through it I realised this. Thank you so much for your contribution!

[ED] lol! I got this.
The object is:
  9999999.00 m above ground,
  -20000000.00 m high,
  -20000000.00 x -20000000.00 m wide.
I cant use the tools in Xpacker to adjust it either.

[EDD] nvm, I got it to work!!! I was using the wrong Xpack lol. I made a new one for testing, separate to my project xpack and when I tested it, I loaded my project one and not the new one i made :embarrassed:
Once again RT, Thankyou! Today ends 3 days of trying to get this to work and I even got the yellow one to work too :D



Mar 18, 2009
Ignore the settings for the Complex objects, means nothing, just worry about the objects.
Glad you have it working.:victory:

Kris Vickers

May 9, 2009

My turn to tackle the dreaded 'lights' situation some time soon. Can honestly say, i`m not looking forward to it lol

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