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Making Automobilista Work on a 10 Year-Old Low-Spec PC

Can it be done? Yes it can.

But can you get 60 FPS and near maximum graphics?

This is my little guide about what I have discovered which might be of help to others with old or low-spec computers. Beginning with my system details. It’s OLD!

Dell Vostro desktop with 32-bit Vista OS. Circa 2008.
Pentium Dual CPU E2200 2.20GHz
Nvidia GT240. An entry level graphics card released 2009. 512 MB.

I started with aspect ratio and resolution because this is where big gains can be made. Rather than the usual widescreen 16:9 ratio I switched to 18:9 (or 2:1). Less pixels to compute means more FPS and, if anything, I prefer the 2:1 ratio. It’s more realistic to my eyes.

My actual resolution is 1280 x 640 windowed. This custom resolution was created in the Nvidia control panel. Other graphical settings (aliasing etc) were set using nHancer software.

Next I experimented with the Display settings. Shadows had to be turned down to medium and Shadow Blur to Off because anything else soaks up FPS.

Circuit Objects to Low also helped improve FPS without diminishing the driving experience too much nor affecting graphical quality. Just a few less trackside buildings and geeky spectators etc

Under Cockpit I turned Mirrors to Off. Again more FPS without losing much from the sim, especially when you use a spotter to shout out what’s around.

Disabling DynHUD by renaming d3d9.dll to OFF_d3d9.dll (or similar) boosted FPS noticeably. Note: This will also disable SweetFX.

In my .PLR file I edited the following to read:

Record Replays="0" // whether to record replays or not
Record Hotlaps="0" // whether to record hotlaps or not (must have replay recording on)

And finally the kicker.. I set AI Drivers to 3 or 4.

So what did I get on my old low-spec PC?

Player and Opponent Detail on Full, Circuit textures on High or Full and a consistent 60+ FPS. It’s not far off maximum graphics (80% thereof..?) and I’m happy!

I expect racing against 3 or 4 AI drivers will be unacceptable for some. It isn’t for me. I make those 3 or 4 drivers as well matched to my own driving skills as I possibly can and it’s competitive.

Have I missed any other tips for Automobilista on low-spec computers? Post ‘em up.

Cheers. Cap’n Dick.
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Good instructions for little money to have fun. I don't think everybody here has the possibility to invest an endless amount of money in his hobby. In the end, it is important to make the best of your choices. Keep racing:thumbsup:

If you’re a PC gamer the art of extracting the highest frame rate with the best graphics with any given system can be a game in itself. The fact I can drive AMS on a old PC with near max graphics and few compromises is another great plus for AMS.

When I do spunk some wedge on a new PC I’ll be looking at the recommended requirements of AMS 2 first. :)