Magione 2.0 & Phoenix 1989 Proposal

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    Magione - Author : Zeffio

    Magione - Autodromo dell'Umbria 2011 v. 2.0 by Zeffio

    New in this version 2.0:
    - Buildings and objects in 3D
    - New textures
    - Background in 3d
    - Fixed the width of the track
    - Lights for night racing (except the pits)
    - New image selection and loading screen
    - New A.I.
    - And other minor adjustments to the track

    Phoenix 1989 Proposal

    This is not a 'real world track' nor is it a 'fictional track'. It is a hybrid between the two.
    In 1987 a proposal was put forward for a street racing circuit in Phoenix City, Arizona USA. However
    the initial plan was rejected in favour of a longer track that could facilitate a pitlane long enough for F1.

    I decided to build the track based on the specifications available of the proposed 1989 layout, however the trackside objects
    and road markings are only loosely based on Phoenix city. Many models have been created by the Google Sketchup community,
    which I have taken and modified significantly to make them my own.

    None of this is intended to be accurate of the actual city, but more of a 'ideal world' design.