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Macro Setting Help

Gav Elias

Jun 12, 2011
I’m just wondering how easy macro controls are to set up for sim racing, particularly in iRacing, F1 2014 (soon to be 2015), Assetto Corsa and Project Cars.

Basically, I have the Thrustmaster T300 GTE and want to set up the manatino switch so that when I flick it upwards it scrolls through tyre options to change to next and when I flick down scroll through fuel mix types. As there are generally only3 fuel mix types (lean, standard and rich), it means that I would only ever need to flick down twice at most to change to desired mix. With regard to tyres, it is similar in that there are only usually 4 tyre types (option, prime, inters, wets) at most, so would only need to be flicked 3 times at most.

Just looking for advice on best way to set this up so the changes are mapped to one flick of the switch (if possible).