Mac OS version: hack your bank balance!

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  1. MJK91


    OK so I have no programming knowledge whatsoever, so I can't create an injector for you guys (maybe someone else can get in touch and we can collaborate on automating this!)

    I posted this on the MotorsportManagerPC subreddit as well.

    You'll need to download Bit Slicer for Mac, I used 1.7.7. Other programs such as Cheat Engine will probably work but I can't talk you through those.

    For this to work, you'll first need to save your game (of course). I've played through one season after editing my balance and everything is OK for now -- but of course there are no guarantees. Do this at your own risk!

    Once you've got Bit Slicer, you need to search for your current balance. If this is positive, e.g. £250,000, then search for 250000. If negative, e.g. -£350,000, you'd search for -350000.

    Once you've got that, you'll see a few hits. Go to the bottom one, and change it to anything (10 will do)

    Now, if you go back to your game, you'll see your balance is now minus, and in the billions! Eeek. But good news, we can fix that -- presumably the developers obscured the balance to make it harder to edit. Not hard enough ;)

    At this point, you need to switch to the 64-bit search at the top. Search for the exact negative value you're now at (mine was -£4,244,967,296! so -4244967296)

    Now you should have some that return with your original change (10 for example), but others which show up with that negative value. Select ONLY the ones which match the high negative value, and change those to whatever you want your balance to be (e.g. 50000000 for £50,000,000)

    For reference (yours may vary) the relevant memory locations for me were:

    0x11D8FFAD8 (second appearance...)
    0x1DDD30EA0 (second appearance...)

    This should work, I haven't had any bugs this way. The only error came from when I initially played around and accidentally changed 14,000 memory files haha, but lesson learnt!

    Reply if you want any more advice on how to do this :)

  2. Kriss Pickering

    Kriss Pickering


    Just trying this myself and I must be missing something.

    When I try and search for my current balance(using the "Search" box in the top right hand corner, and the using 32bit integrator) it doesn't find any results.

    Does the game need to be running in the background, or do i need to change anything?
  3. enzoli


    Should work with CheatEngine on Windows tbh. But beware, you might ruin the fun completely out of your career.