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Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by DavidHC, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. DavidHC


    Hi there... Here I am, in Germany... Second season from seven, Virgin, TC on, ABS on, Fuel Sim off, Tyre Sim on, Legend AI. Yes, I know... TC and ABS on?! I'm on keyboard and... You know. Ok... So, the race in Germany.

    Somehow I've managed to get P 13 in Qualy, on dry circuit. In the race day was hard raining, so we started on WET tyres. Race is 30%. With some luck (I would say allot of luck), in the 3rd lap I go from P10 straight to P1, thanks to Vettel who spin in the hairpin and block a bunch of guys from behind. I've managed to sneak through them and here we go... P1! For 7 laps I stay in front, defending myself like a mad man. For me, in a Virgin car and driving with keyboard, to build a gap it's almost impossible. But after 10 laps I'm still first. In the 10th lap my devoted engineer announced me that the rain it's stops and I should get the Intermediate tyres. I've refused to go in the pits and I've continued my race. From the lap 14 I've started to loose allot of grip because the circuit gets dryer and my job gets more difficult. In the lap 15 my engineer tells me that I should put dry tyres, especially as the others drivers have done it already. So... In the 16th lap i get into the pits, put the Option tyres, and start the battle. But... Suddenly I realize that the gap between me and Button, who is second, it's about 12 seconds. For one second I've believed it's a joke. But after that I've figured out what happened... All drivers have passed twice through pits, for Intermediate and Option tyres.

    I've finished 1st, thanks to my strategy, and now I'm at 50 points from Weber, the WDC leader. Somehow I'm excited.
  2. My993C2


    I am driving for Toro Rosso using a modified "more realistic" database file than what CM gave us. I qualify against Legends AI with fuel and tire sim turned on. Thanks to this modified database file I use, I do not have a hope in hell in qualifying better than Red Bull, McLaren, Ferrari, Mercedes, Force India and Robert Kubica in the Renault. Occasionally I can out qualify the Rudderless Russian Petrov in his French Donkey cart Renault. But he too more often than not is faster than me in qualifying. But 13th is where I seem to start in most of my races at Toro Rosso (while Buemi is more often than not starting 18th).

    So yeah 13th ... I own that starting grid position while I am at Toro Rosso. :zip:

    I do have three wins at Toro Rosso. Hungary and Spa were won thanks to superior wet weather pit stop strategy (I usually go straight to wets and save myself having to stop twice once for inters and once for wets like the AI always do). I also won at Monza but that was because I needed to use the AI toolkit to slow down the AI corning speeds at the first two chicanes. They kept crashing on every lap. Speeding them up made it worse and slowing them down was the only way to stop the crashes. But it makes for an easier race. I still need to drive clean to win, but much easier than all the other tracks.
  3. Oli Peacock

    Oli Peacock
    Sim Racer

    Well done guys, racing with a keyboard must be near on impossible
  4. Joel Vischer

    Joel Vischer

    Yeah, I couldn't think of a way to hold my steer in a consistence angle while steering... But yeah many respect for using a keyboard!
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