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Low to high speed dampers change?

Does anybody know whats the value I should put into motec so it knows when the dampers transition from low to high speed?
Im using a workbook that ive downloaded, but idk if the values are correct for AC.

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In the Motec + ACTI pack that you can download from RaceDepartment theres a workbook where the threshold it's 25... but I've seen other people using 50.

Anybody? Could really use that info.

In suspensions.ini, in the data folder, extracted from the data.acd of cars, there are the values. Every damper has it's own threshold, IRL can have multiple depending on settings or just multiple in general, like a smooth curve or several points. (In AC1 only one).

For example:


Compression switches over at 30mm/s, rebound at 70mm/s. Values are in meter / second.

Lmfao @ notion of using some random value and it being at all accurate. Just forget telemetry or sheets or anything until you read at least a race car mechanics book to understand what you're even looking at.