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Misc Lotus Original steering wheel 1.1

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Cool cant wait would this affect online play

I inserted the wheel from RB but i have to refit the shift lights
John95 updated Lotus Original steering wheel with a new update entry:

Lotus original steering wheel

Hello everybody!
Am new here but i am modding f1 games since 2011
This is my very first and simple mod so please keep that in mind.

Very small updates:
Turned off the 2nd green LED to be more realistic
Changed OK BP button with DRS
Made useless Kers button

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Open F1 2014/interiors/lr2 and overwrite
Make a backup file!!
Hope you Enjoy it!!
Mods used:F1 2013 steering wheel
F1 2014 Ultra HD Leds by IcemanLFS
F1 2014 Sky Sports...

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hello my friend

I hope by willians because this mega this outdated, the guys failed codemaster ugly, to say that was gross error, because it has nothing to do with that old steering wheel in this car this season