Lotus Elite @ Birmingham Thu 4th July 2013

2 great races with good battles, especially in the second with a memorable fight with Knut. Unfortunately, in the last laps, when we were going to overlap 2 cars ahead, one of them froze and stopped right in front of me. I was exiting T14 at full speed and couldn't avoid him.
After that I managed to regain 1 position, but my concentration was gone and lost it again last corners.

Rupe Wilson

Looked like a good night of fun, i was just not up to it, I still got problems, Back and neck are still playing up, a cant hold my wheel or push on the gas pedal.. So i came along of the ride. after about 6 laps my arm goes numb.. hopefully today after a trip to the chiropractor i will get the trapped nerve freed off and a can resume racing again..
had a great start to the night but went down hill quickly, I was felling like a zombie in la la land... damn the drugs are strong..:D

every thing was going super fast but in slow motion, even started to feel sick looking at the screens...
but enough complaining.... still had fun in places.. catch you all when im fit next week...:)

Hiroshi Awazu

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What a cool lil car these Elites are :D. I started off ok then due to a off track and a spin ended up way back and started doing the catch up game. When I caught up most of my race was with Hans and Andrew.

Had a good few laps with Andrew until he went off track, did some 4x4ing, caught some good air shoots across me and into the wall. Thought his race was over then but no he soldiered on to finish :thumbsup: . When Andrew crashed i managed to catch up to Hans, had some good laps with him and we even shared a moment where we did some synchronized spinning together on turn 2 :roflmao:

Another fun filled session:thumbsup:
I wish you a speedy recovery Rupe. Have you considered acupuncture sessions? My father had excellent results when he had sciatica problems some months ago.


Nice couple of races.. First one, with only the 20 mins. of practice, the car caught me offguard a few times. With my first slide I obstructed a green car behind me, forcing him onto the grass so I had to wait for him to get back on track. Things happened too fast to see who he was, and since they were all green cars, I had no choice but to wait for a whole bunch of them to get past:O_o:
Laptimes were pretty close so I finished somewhere at the back after some nice laps with Marcin and Hans.:thumbsup:

Race 2 I tried Mate's setup, it felt quite similar to my old league setup I used in R1. With a better start than Knut I had some nice laps with Guus for the lead until he spun in the corkscrew, leaving me well ahead in the lead:confused:! O boy, the pressure!!:rolleyes: I kept it all together though, made it through the corkscrew 15 consecutive times without spin (that in itself HAS to be a record for me) and had a rather lonely drive to the win!:)

Thanks Knut for the event, Thanks Mate for the setup - shame you had this issue - and enjoy your holidays.
Thanks all for racing, and get well soon Rupe! Or a lot better at least;)!
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