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Who will win the Formula One US Grand Prix?

  • Verstappen

    Votes: 934 57.5%
  • Hamilton

    Votes: 397 24.4%
  • Bottas

    Votes: 66 4.1%
  • Norris

    Votes: 73 4.5%
  • Pérez

    Votes: 58 3.6%
  • Sainz

    Votes: 11 0.7%
  • Leclerc

    Votes: 40 2.5%
  • Ricciardo

    Votes: 23 1.4%
  • Somebody else

    Votes: 23 1.4%

Lotus 49 uncorrectable oversteer

LOL It understeers for me too but I am a pretty clueless driver and have only tried it at valelunga club circuit. There are enough setup options that if I knew what I was doing I could probably make it drive a little more to my liking. It does have rear wheel steering that is controlled by the throttle and that is pretty cool and alot of fun.

Graham Laing

Retired Staff
Like quite a few cars, it has lift over steer. That can help you get around corners, additional steering supplied by the throttle :)

Either that or a power slide .....

Edit: whoops Michael mentioned it above already ...