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Lost the virtual rearview mirror (PC)

Hello and greetings from Germany,

I realised that my virtual rearview mirror is not there.
As screen I use an LG TV and NO VR ! CPU i5 4thGen and 1060 GTX 6GB and Windows 10 x64.
I start ACC over Steam (NOT in VR Mode !)
Ive also done a "repair/check&fix errors" over Steam.

In Settings/HUD/Virtual Rearview Mirror is activated (Ive also disable it and re-enable)
At Settings/Graphic sometimes the reaview mirror resolution is greyed out so I cant change it.
I also hit the F2 Key often to change the HUD, but the Rearview Mirror never appears.

So now I need to change the FOV to get a view to the rearview mirror from car - but its not really comfortable :D

Some days ago the virtual mirror works without any problem :-/
Maybe the last Hotfix-Update is the problem ?

Anyone know the solution ?
Thank you very much


I didn't notice this problem recently but I had a similar strange problem weeks or months ago.

In fact the usual virtual mirror seemed absent but was finally well there .... fully shrinked and was slightly visible on screen.
The only way to have it back at the normal size was .... toggle all views and back at the original view.
Once done the virtual mirror size was back.

The problem disappeared the same way it appeared .... suddenly without any noticeable reason. :D :O_o: