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Looking to rent a server!

Matt Hunt

Nov 14, 2008
Hello peeps

I'm interested it getting a server. who would be a good hosting company in Uk/EU?

Many thanks

Morgan Eklöv

We rent a server from thegamehoster.net in Holland. I live in Sweden and there is no problem at all with the connections and ping. However, the setup for the server is not that user friendly, but You get good support from the guys at the company.
Most important is the fact of always having a slot on a good server and your friend there to race with them

Have fun



i rent a dedicated server (rootserver) here: www.keyweb.de

Intel Pentium 4 (3 Ghz)
2GB Ram
320 GB HDD

With this system configuration i can start 2 race07 servers at the same time. One with 25 slots, the other with 18. More slots cause lags.

The most important thing is: unlimited traffic. If your gameservers are always full, you will get 0,5 TB of traffic a month.


Edit: I didn´t find a cheaper server yet ;)


It depends on the game you need. Some games can be hosted quite decently on normal shared gamehosting, for other games you really need a dedicated server. For GTR Evo we can setup a customized dedicated server for you, with GTR Evo preinstalled on one of our license keys.

If you contact the i3D.net support they can tell you all about our dedicated racing servers.

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