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Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Nick Napolitano, Nov 20, 2014.

  1. Nick Napolitano

    Nick Napolitano

    Hey guys, a little back story first. (sorry for the read). I bought myself a G27 a few years back when I started racing my car in real life (at the time was a Mazda MX-5(miata)) I now race my WRX when I can as well. Anyways, I bought a G27 to pickup sim racing and never used it but a few times max. I'm now looking at AC for my 1st sim to really get into this as a hobby. iRacing seems nice, but I don't have the funds right now to pay monthly as well as all the cars/tracks etc. I want to play a lot of single player to begin with to get used to this. My questions are as follow;

    1) I found the thread that shows G27 settings which works perfect, but is there a guide that shows keybinding? I have the 6 buttons on the wheels plus the buttons on the shifter. Is there a correct way to bind these to make it easier?

    2) What are the best "UI" addons I should have on the screen to make life easier as well?

    3) I have a powerful computer, however I'm only running 1 monitor, is there a specific settings that work best with single screen (FoV etc.) (24" wide screen).
  2. Connor Caple

    Connor Caple
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    The G27 buttons - set them to whatever you need most at the wheel in each sim.

    Most people use things like:

    Pit Speed Limiter
    Pit Request
    Look Left/Right (if you want to)
    Brake Bias +/-

    While setting the sim up, make sure you run with lots of other cars and turn on the FPS meter. You need good fps or the game response will be bad. Turn down graphical settings as needed to try to get 60fps.

    Get the monitor as close to your wheel as possible for the best view. There is a whole thread about FoV here - read it and see what works for you.
  3. Turk


    You can map the wheels buttons in game to whatever you want, it's fairly straight forward, once you get into the options i don't think you'll have any problems doing whatever you want.

    FOV on a single monitor is restrictive. Like Connor pointed out there's a calculator which typically suggests a FOV around 45, you'll basically get a view that's between the drivers side pillar and nearly half way across the screen. It's quite narrow but you get used to it, I have no problems. All this will become unnecessary once the consumer version of the oculus rift comes out.

    I use the ovi app in game mostly for tyre temperatures, the basic gear app for revs, the basic time delta and try to not use much more than that, race position comes up automatically along the bottom of the screen once you're in a race. There are many options but for now it's probably best to rely mainly on the official ones as some apps can cause slowdown and that might not change until the game is officially released.

    One app you probably will want to download if your racing offline is the RSR timing app. It's basically a leaderboard app of fastest times so it will give you some idea of how your lap times compare.
  4. Andrew Macpherson

    Andrew Macpherson

    45? You'll be lucky to get over 30 unless you have a giant TV for a monitor. I have a 24" monitor right behind the wheel base (around 28" from my face I think) and I use a FOV of 27 degrees. It takes some getting used to but does feel more immersive in the end (you really have to watch your mirrors!).
  5. whaletail


    If you're running a single 24" monitor, you'll be lucky if your (correctly set) FOV is above 30. Though a difficult adjustment for some, using the proper FOV has made many immediately quicker. Viewing my 27" monitor from 21" demands an FOV of 35. Google Project Immersion for a multiple sim FOV calculator.

    With such a limited FOV, your rearview mirror will be useless (absent an even more unwieldy seat adjustment), but I've just learned that F11 will enable a virtual mirror. Why such a necessity is not more clearly documented is beyond me, but at least it exists.

    Proper wheel setup is also very important, and the stickied wheel settings thread offers numerous G27 specific values, should you require assistance.

    I'm pretty sure ABS and Traction Control default to factory, and in those cars that include them Ctrl+A and Ctrl+T will toggle them on/off. Multiple levels of TC are available with some cars.

    Finally (I promise), increasing the Brake Gamma setting (Advanced Control Options?) to 2.4 and above helps the heavy footed, and those with potentiometer brakes (G27) avoid lockups.

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