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Looking to Build My First Rig

Hi, so ive been thinking of picking up something for my first wheel and pedal setup on PC (and probably PS5 by the time GT7 hits the market). Ive been using a simple dual shock 4 controller, a keyboard, used to have a cheap PS2 wheel and pedal set (which was basically built like a toy) and have spent a lot of time with racing arcade cabinets in my life. When lockdown happened, i cant go to arcades, and by the time i can get back on it most of my friend have left the scene.

So with that, i was thinking of getting into sim racing. Ive been playing with sticks for a while but i just cant get back to sticks after spending so much time at the arcade with actual wheel, so ive been thinking of getting my own wheel sets. I dont know a lot about this scene in hardware side hence why i want some recommendation from you guys. Here's some info that might be nessesary to help.

Location: Indonesia
Budget: Approximately 850-1000$, preferably lower
What im looking for: Wheel and Pedal Set, a Monitor/TV, a rig plan recommendation (building it with steel/wood)
Platform: PC & PS (Mainly and primarily PC, im fine with buying hubs if its needed for console)
Software: Im open for recommendation, but AC&ACC is my focus for now as they provide open platform and a focus in GT cars respectively.
Tech Saviness: Im confident with basic electrical work like soldering, software tweaking (not coding/compiling from scratch), and have quite solid understanding of the PC itself.