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looking for team

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Daniel Bida, Aug 5, 2014.

  1. Daniel Bida

    Daniel Bida

    Hello , guys

    im Daniel , 27 years old . have been in simracing for the last couple years.
    up untill now i have raced in IRacing in the F1 grand prix series. now Pro licensed there , raced at the WDC last race and now im looking to make the change here , FSR feels much better so i would like to join this great championship

    already started to test at hockeniem this week and my PB is 1:16:14(5th in time standings but big guns yet to run) . i think comes qualyfing i should be abale to hit the 15's easily , feels ok in terms of laptime for the start.
    while i have much to learn here , i have more then basic knowledge on setups so im looking for a front runner team to join them , develop together , and make my first race at Hockemhiem next week.

    please PM here
    Daniel Bida
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  2. Patrik Holzmann

    Patrik Holzmann

    Great to see you here mate !
    Very decent pace as always , i can advise everyone to sign this guy ;)