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Looking for Suspension.Ini Tuning Assistance.

Bless You

FRONT: 0.532” wire diameter (High Tensile Chrome Silicon spring wire), nominal 11.625” Free length. Variable rate 138/265#/in

REAR: 0.485” wire diameter (High Tensile Chrome Silicon spring wire), nominal 11.250” free length. Variable rate 105/325#/in

Using above for reference on shock stroke and spring strength. (Don’t have strut measurements) though I do use it rather attempt to use AC Worksheet.

Though I’m having trouble determining, progressive_spring_ratio. Using above variable(progressive) spring for reference
As in, do I put the stiffer side of the spring to be the progressive part of the spring in suspension.ini ? Or vise versa stiffer being spring rate(wheel rate). I’d think wheel rate side would be softer and progressive side would be stiffer, but I’m not 100% sure.

Side ask, this is with a fwd car and is there any way to turn off the torque steer force feedback? My car IRL doesn’t have any.
Any help Is appreciated.


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