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Looking for some transparency regarding server, web hosting, domain registration costs

Celtic Pharaoh

Feb 3, 2010

This post is directed @Bram Hengeveld and/or the RD staff.

I wanted some transparency regarding server, web hosting and domain registration costs. While some may see this as more of a private matter that I should take up with Bram in a PM, I believe that its better that everyone on RD have a right to know what costs are involved. I'm sure some will say that I lack trust in Bram or the staff but I don't know you guys personally. All I know is that you like to race online and have a witty sense of humour. That isn't enough for trusting someone. I'm sorry but just saying "oh its for server rental" etc. is too ambiguous. Some will say I'm a cheap skate but I think I have a right to know where my money is going, not just be happy because of some "premium perks"

With all due respect to Bram and some of the RD staff, the whole "sipping on pina coladas in the carribbean" joke doesn't strengthen the argument for premium membership. Its also disrespectful to those asking about it. I mean if people are annoyed at having to pay for a premium membership, and they express this, then ridiculing them isn't exactly going to win them over. Why not be up front and say something like "we're changing events to premium because our server costs went up by 20% so instead of paying €200 per month, we have to pay €240 now" or something of the sort. If its a matter that Bram is self conscious about how much it costs to run RD and wishes not to disclose figures then to be honest, thats a deadlock because people deserve to know where their money is going. RD isn't a charity organisation that helps third world countries or illnesses, its a hub for sim racers to meet, have a laugh and have good racing. For that, I think I deserve to know why after years of racing for free racing that suddenly, I need to pay for a membership. If RD had been a paid service from the beginning, a la iRacing, then there would be no dispute because its up front. But to suddenly change something which was free to a paid service, without an adequate or reasonable explanation is where the issue lies.

I mean no harm or attacking anyone. I'm just expressing my opinion which I believe I have a right to say.

Graham Laing

Retired Staff
Oct 8, 2010
Whilst you have the right to question whether you are getting value for money or not (we think you are). That is really a question that only you can answer.

I'm sorry but I don't know how you could think that you would have the right to know the breakdown of all of RD's costs. Just because something was free to you for years, doesn't mean it can stay that way for ever. Someone was paying for it, it just happens that it wasn't you.

Cheers :)

Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
Staff member
Dec 26, 2006
For that, I think I deserve to know why after years of racing for free racing that suddenly, I need to pay for a membership.
That question can be answered really easy and was done so already here http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/please-read-racing-clubs-leagues-go-premium.99875/

The fact that we are running this show for over nine years now (on daily basis) earns us the right to claim to be trustworthy.

Add to that that for a long time the same group of people have funded this website month after month and paid for other people's fun felt wrong and I am glad that has changed now.

These changes have been made after a discussion with the premium group of donators in the paddock club forums last year and the staff and that's really all there is to say.

The group of daily racers has declined a little as expected. Commitment has gone up HUGELY for drivers in clubs and leagues and the atmosphere on Teamspeak and in the servers have been excellent since March.

And this is the coolest part: people have been happy to help, which is absolutely a great feeling and motivates us to continue for at least another nine years to go :thumbsup:

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