Looking for server for casual racing


Jun 22, 2018
The claim goes first:): I personally don't feel myself as hardcore simracer but rather a casual one. I can not give this hobby 7-8 hours a day, so I assume I don't drive as a real pro. However I do drive carefully avoiding contacts as much as possible and also can get comparable good lap times (on public servers I usually get second to fourth place on qualifying). But I can do nothing with the mess comes at the each race start. Actually the race itself does exist only for 2-3 first who were able or lucky not to be bumped and pushed off the truck on the very first corner. Races are short as a rule, so there is no time to catch the leaders after.

So I am looking for an AC server which has slightly higher entry threshold compared to public ones. I'd like to try myself in a normal races with more than 7 laps, where is no way you can meet newly connected players in the middle of the race, where you're not getting penalty when some one slows his car using your car and not his own brakes; where the morron who is knowingly pushing you to overtake (i mean literally, bumping your car in corners or right before the cornering) is getting banned forever and so on.

At the same time I understand I can not dive in serious things like seasons, championships etc. As a conclusion: I'm looking for a little more than usual public race server for AC.


Jul 11, 2017
One that got promoted last week on reddit simracing was a group called arcis that do rookie races on a Friday night (CEST and EST) and then other races on Saturday and Sunday evenings at the same time as well. They are the first thing I have seen that isn't really league racing but a collection of casual racers who want to race whenever but do so without the threat of wreckers that we get on public servers.