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looking for press members 2015

Feb 2, 2013
Hello everybody,

If you follow Ondrej's thread about FSR situation you will understand this post. Who not follow it, main idea is build a strong press area for next year, I think it's better start looking for people willing from now if we want achieve the goal.

Now most important thing as I said is to find people willing to do this work voluntarily. Later, when we know the total number of people we have, we will make several meetings to allocate seats in each area.

Naturally, I started ask here. I will look for more people in different places.

Initially there are no entry requirements, since the supply is much greater than demand at the moment. Obviously having a good level of English or knowledge of a specific area (eg video) help, but as I said everybody who wants help or like this is welcome.

You can reply here or PM to me. I will continue looking for more people in other places.


Adrián Rodríguez.