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    I am looking for a team and a seat in this series. Honestly, I am still reading the rules and I am trying to figure out how it all works, but luckily looks like it races at a time I can attend.,

    If there is a team looking for a last minute driver, I am available.

    I also have some painting skills (I am a graphic artist) so I can help there if necessary.

    I have no issues paying for my fees.

    Also I should say that I race with a Thriustmaster T500, I have the F1 wheel and I use home brewed pedals made from G25 components. Load cell, etc.

    My rig is pretty good (I could use a new Video card, but who couldn't?) and as far as skills, I raced in a number of leagues and iRacing.

    I am better in some cars than in others, but I practice a lot. I have no clue whet the skill level is here, this being my first time, but I can try to run some lap at barhain and see how I do if someone was so kind to tell me a good competitive lap time at that track( or any other track available for rF2)

    Thank you.
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