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Looking for a seat for my new Simetik cockpit.


I’m looking for some seat recommendations for my new Simetik cockpit.

Have searched eBay and found this BB7 seat which seems to fit the bill in terms of budget and looks:

Wondered if anyone has one of these and if so what are they like for comfort. I’m 6ft 1 and about 95kg so I would expect to fit into most seats no problem.

Any other recommendations for a reclining bucket seat around the £200 price range? Again if anyone uses such a seat, any feedback on comfort as that’s the one thing which is hard to determine from searching online through eBay.

Looks the same as my Autostyle BS5 seat (rebrand?). It's a narrow but comfortable seat. I love mine as it fits me perfectly, but I'm a slim guy. Measure yourself and compare it with the measurements given. The 30 cm at the seat bottom may be a problem for you perhaps?