Looking for a seat. Any seat really

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Kuba Brzeziński, Aug 18, 2014.

  1. Kuba Brzeziński

    Kuba Brzeziński

    I don't really know what offers I can expect, so all of them are welcome. Being a test driver is an option as well. I could drive at Spa if somebody would offer me a chance to do so in Pro, but I probably won't be available on Saturday to drive in Ace. I would love to drive for the rest of the season. Ok, so these are the most important aspects. Now something about me:
    I'm Kuba and I'm 18 year's old. I've been simracing for about 3 years now, all of that in rf1. I've got a little bit of experience in rf2 with URD GT, but not much. My biggest strength? Consistency and strategic thinking. Fighting for a lead with a calculator in hand trying to work out strategy? No problem. I've done a lot of F1 in rf1 all of that in Polish, not so well known leagues. My bigger successes are finishing second two consecutive years in Le Mans 24h in Sim-racing.org. I also drove in SRO and fought with guys like George Talbot, Ben Tusting etc. I led the championship there in Touring Cars until I had to miss one race. Ok, so that's pretty much it about me. If you've got any questions you know where to ask. I'm gonna practice at Spa, when it'll be available to see what's what.