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Looking for a Pro seat

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Interested in racing in FSR this season.
I only started racing in rFactor2 in October but I have surprised myself with my competitive pace. The ASR1992 unofficial league has been my main campaign so far but I have also competed as a reserve in 3 or 4 VWSR races and some club races.

Highlights for me include:
i) My pace in ASR1992 at Magny-Cours. Qualified about 1.5 seconds behind Kuba and had good race pace but nothing came of it after I was crashed into 3 times.
ii) My pace in ASR1992 at Spa (yesterday). Qualified about 1.8 seconds behind Kuba on a long track. Had good race pace too and had a bit more pace in hand but was playing it very cautious as I was running third (though that position was a bit artificial since one guy had been bugged out ahead of me and the turnout was only 11 people rather than usual 22ish). Unfortunately I hit an invisible wall while running third with 8 laps to go and no more pitstops to do.
iii) My pace in VWSR at Suzuka. I spent a lot of time on my setup for that race and qualified about 1.5s behind the aliens. Had good race pace too and was managing to take the Dunlop curve flat out nearly every lap. I was even keeping one alien behind me for about 8 laps in a row to my surprise. Lost a lot of points on the last lap though when I thought the race was over and then went into the gravel after I realized the timer hadn't yet expired. Some good examples of my wheel to wheel racing in that race too.
iv) My pace in VWSR at Silverstone. About 1.6 seconds off the top guys in quali but my end result was badly affected by a 2 stop strategy (which i think should have been faster but it required me to do a lot of overtaking and running in dirty air which cost me a lot. Especially since the Renault 3.5 car is very difficult to drive and the dirty air kept causing me to spin at the exit of Becketts).

The two 9th place finishes I got in ASR1992 I think are actually not as impressive as the two DNF's I got at Magny-Cours and Spa. Those should have been 6th place and 3rd if not for bad luck.

i) A couple of DNF's in VWSR due to bad lag. For a while about a quarter of the grid was getting ultra lag and then booted but it went away when a new build was released.
ii) ASR1992 at Hungaroring. I hadn't really done much practice and my quali pace was abysmal. And then someone crashed into me on the first lap and I quit. Obviously if that had been a proper FSR race I would have been properly prepared.

Other things to mention:
i) I've got a lot of room to improve. I can make a decent setup for myself but I'm learning new things about that all the time and often test out the setups of aliens after a race has finished and they've released their setup.
ii) My braking technique can improve a lot I'm sure. I'm not trail braking and I see that the aliens are braking much later than me.
iii) I have some experience winning at RD. In 2013 I won two races of the Xbox360 F12012 league (second season). I won at Spa after taking pole and having the outright best pace and keeping it clean all race. And I won at Korea, not by being fastest but by being best prepared. I was among the few who had practised in wet weather and I overtook the leader ontrack when it started to rain.

Thanks to anyone who actually bothered to read all that. Would be happy to hear from any team.

EDIT: Closed. Signed with Avid Chronic Racing.
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David O'Reilly

A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.
I just want to vouch for David Cook.
His approach to RF2 has been a keen and enquiring mind and good natural speed.
At first I would provide a set-up but David would always want to know how and why it worked compared to what he had before.
In a few short months he is making setups and understanding what does what.
That and his natural speed should see him evolve quite quickly.
David O'R
asr 1992 Winter Series Point scorer:cool: