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Looking for a mod

I just recently bought Race 07 and it is a great game but in one of the expansions there is a car called BMS Incognito. I know that it is supposed to be a Mercedes C200 but they couldn't put it in the game due to licencing issues. I would be happy if I could edit the name and the picture in the menus myself but I can't, because I don't know anything about modding. There were a mod for it though, but the download link isn't working anymore. (here: https://www.virtualr.net/mercedes-benz-c200-released )

So I'm asking anyone who has the mod that please send it to me in PM. If there is a method to edit the name and the logo of the car, then feel free to share with me.
to edit the name, you only need to change in the INCCAR file
but there were two mods on NoGrip, which did more/different
first a complete revamp , the other one two texture changes
i uploaded both

Thank you! One last question, where can I find this INCCAR file inside my game library?

Edit: I've found it alongside with the logo of the BMS car. Which program should I open with the inccar file? Because if I open it with WordPad or NotePad the text is unreadable. I also tried to open the tga file with various programs with no success, the weird thing that there are some tga files in the same folder which I can open and edit (for example the Cadillac logo).
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