Released Longford 1967


EDIT 2013-03-15:

Here is LONGFORD 1967 - VERSION 1.0

version1.0 video

OLD Version 0.99 released 19/10/2012
OLD Version 0.97 released 17/08/2011
OLD Version 0.9 released 11/07/2010

OLD: version 0.90 - ORIGINAL POST

well, this is it. I hope it was worth the wait.

and here is the last vid again

and some pics

Schweeet. Looking forward to trying this one. Once Targa Florio is released, this will definitely be part of the mini epic track series I have planned at RD :)


Great work! I started with a slow lap and just enjoyed the scenery, it's breathtaking! It also shows nicely how powerful BTB actually is - in the right hands :)
no surprise with this releases, it's exactly as i expected. it is simply awsome. drove some 71 F1 league edition cars around here, it is an amazing drive. we have a WSC 70 season coming up and i am sure this will be on the schedule.

Lee Knight

YAAaaaay!! THANK YOU,thank you, thank you......
Thank you woochoo, I was thinking earlier today that you've done such an awsome job on Longford that
I reckon you should look into do this as a profession.
Still have'nt driven it, downloading right now.
But Im betting that it wont even have the usual snags most other tracks have when first released.
To Ryan Callan, I agree totaly. Perhaps the series could be called "the Real Road Racers" or
similar with only road courses (Not those steet things) & none under 6km to the lap,just a thought.
Anyway congratulations on your baby woochoo & THANK YOU!


I hated waiting.... but it was NOT a letdown and very much worth the wait! Thank you for your time and effort you put into this project.


I hated waiting too. Honestly, i was gonna wait til BTB 0.9 came out (back when it was gonna come out) and i was gonna try the new blending features then release it. Oh well.

Again, thanks for the positive comments! I appreciate it. To know you're enjoying it makes it worth it.


its always nice to get feedback, both good and bad, there you will know that people are playing with your mods, i had a bit of a test run on longford..nice work mate..keep it up


well, this is it. I hope it was worth the wait.
Grats on the release, all I can think of saying is "About bloody time!' :D I have to wait till midnight to dload it (bloody net caps) I will get it as soon as the clock strikes 12.

ps. well done vv
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Erwin Greven

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woochoo said:
aiw issues:
cars with more speed than grip tend to have problems getting from the paddock to the pitlane, and then around the tight corners if they actually make it onto the track. Particularly the Sports 5000 cars in CSGT and those sorts of things.
The Sports 5000 cars in CSGT have these problems on many, many tracks. At my track they miss always their braking points after the Mondenweg. Also the have problems with the 8 chicanes in the G'nijveen section.

There is a possibility to alter their behaviour but i am not that convinced that it is a solution for it.

Go to the Gamedata/verhicle/csgt/wsc70 map. There you find all the cars. Find in the car maps the *.hdv files. Open it with notepad and alter the next line to:
AIPerfUsage=(0.900, 0.900, 0.900) // PLR file overrides for (brake power usage, brake grip usage, corner grip usage) used by AI to estimate performance - only positive values will override, see PLR for defaults.

I have to test the changes to find out what exactly works, but this line helps to alter the car-behaviour in a positive way.
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