Longer AC tracks over maybe 15kms - Which are your favourites?

There are over a thousand tracks in AC downloads so quite a bit to trawl through and maybe I am missing a great track. So far I have :-

LA Canyons
Targa Florio '73
Alto Tajo
Pikes Peak
Pacific Coast Highway
Wicklow Mountains

The 42kms of LAC is my favourite along with the 72km long Targa Florio (0.1.3) and when that has all the roadside elements polished that will take the crown.
(People patreon the guy Abullz for his amazing work and get 0.1.3)
Phoenix77 of LAC/PCI fame is working on something new or updating PCI???

All the others offer great challenges in different ways so any more suggestions out there?
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Aye, should have included the epic one but I'm thinking more open road stuff. I'm trying out Shutoko at the moment but I get a lot of wheel shake and the FPS on my VR with rain sucks.
Wow, I say wow. I had totally missed High Force and being a Brit it is extra special. I will also check out Transfagarsan. Thanks for the recommedations!
Yea, its amazing track indeed. Also dont feel guilty too much, I live in Ireland but found out about Wicklow track from your post so we are even ;)
These longer tracks are my favourites, I just like to get in and go for a long drive. The High Force track is now my favourite because of the real-life look & feel and the perfect mix of straights, curves, hairpins, villages, bridges etc etc. I drove it in the rain in VR and I kept having to pinch myself. Thanks again for this recommendation
Lake Louise is older than most of the tracks mentionned here but it still holds up very well. It shows its age especially on the graphics side, but it's still very pleasant and challenging to drive on. Main layout is over 50 kilometers, with a few shorter options.