Long time loading acs.exe


May 18, 2014
Hello everybody (sorry for my english, i'm french...)

Recently, assetto corsa has a long time loading track and car (loading acs.exe) .

I explain in detail :

I switch on my computer, i launch content manager, then a practice on drift circuit with BMW 1M for example, loading time is 10 secondes (which is cool) to go to pits.

I do exactly the same thing after 10 min, loading time is 25 sec. I tried for the Nordschleife, it take 30 sec when i launch just after switch on the computer and then it take 1min 15 !

In the taskmanager, there's no application which appears after 10 min of windows starting (Windows 7 pro64) orslow down my computer.

When i launch 32bytes version (acs_x86.exe) loading time of Drift circuit + 1M is 5 secondes!!! but the game is ugly.

I don't change anything on my graphic cards (Nvidia GTX660ti), i don't update anything recently, it appears after multiple crashes of acs.exe, last day when i tried a car mod (BMW M8 coupé on this page : https://***********************/***********/bmw ). I ever note that sometimes, when cars appears in pits after loading race, the apparition time is slow (saccade in french :) ), when i get dark to light, just when we get in pit menu.

I ever checked integrety of files with steam and tried other things like "desable fullscreen option" "erase users/documents/assettocorsa", "change graphic options", etc, etc...

Apart of that, everything works fine, i can race, fps are good, content manager works fine. Just this double time of loading acs.exe. Have you any idea ?

Thx a lot
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