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Long Beach billboards and visuals

Misc Long Beach billboards and visuals 0.5

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DrLimerep submitted a new resource:

Long Beach billboards and visuals - 2019 Acura GP Billboards for and some polishing for Long Beach Circuit by T21.

A 2019 revision for the otherwise excellent Long Beach conversion by Terra21. Still W.I.P. but I've decided to release it as is rather than sitting on it.


The most obvious change is a swap of Toyota branding for Acura and revised color scheme for curbs and tents. In addition, adverts and billboards are largely brought up to 2019 standard and upscaled where necessary, but there are still some kinks to iron out in that department. Some textures that...

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Card-carrying mod whore
Any plans to de-Forza the branding (eg on the bridge) to complete this set?
It's one of those tracks where simple DDS replacement sometimes gives weird scaling/placement issues. I've got a WiP billboard skin for it myself so know what a challenge it is.
Plans, yes. Idea on how to fix it? Less so. The bridge is using a very complex layout so I can't figure out a way of addressing it without fiddling with the 3D model, which is beyond my current skills. If anybody wants to give it ago; be my guest.