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Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Lastspark, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. Lastspark


    Ok so maybe this has been posted before but maybe not.

    I am in my 3rd season. Second season I was with Force India, made all the practice goals, half or so of the qualifying and all but two of the racing goals. (Or whatever they are called, I forget for some reason.)

    So basically I found this amazing car setup that works for every track really. Change gear ratios, go out on the track and win. But in practice I can only manage to place like 14th - 18th. Qualifying I can rarely manage top 10 but in the race I have literally no problem getting podium EVERY RACE. This is on legend with only ABS as assist. (I turned it on because my car setup is rough on front tires and my braking is even worse on them so I just turned it on lol.)

    Seems most people are the opposite, but my car setup really doesn't change much in how it handles whether my tires are 2 laps old or 8 laps old on a 20% race.

    So there I was, just behind vettel, oh crap I have to pit, I got a puncture, no problem, I was on a set of 7 lap old options on a 20% race. Luckily the puncture was 2 turns before pit road entrance. I pull in, I get a set of primes and go back out onto the track. I think I had around 5 laps to go, 17 seconds behind vettel. The last lap I was 1 second behind him, going onto the main straight, used all my KERS and hit my DRS button of awesome, finished .5 seconds behind him. Vettel NEVER PIT. He was on like 13 lap old options that probably had more since he qualified on those tires too. Is that even allowed? Says you have to use both compounds...

    Anyway, my second season I got 13 wins, 4 podiums. The only KERS team to offer me a contract was FI to renew... wtf? 4 races left in my 3rd season, Lotus offered me a contract. What amazing god of a driver do I have to be to get like a McLaren contract? Figured 13 wins and 4 podiums would do the trick...