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Feb 23, 2009
here my problem ,my old wheel shifting died so using a old logitech momo the black one,the problem is when turn in ,it like its not biting in,feel like have to turn the wheel harder,sort of wrestling it in,to get the car in the corner,try different setting with the spring ,and ffb but the car wheel feel strange, it feel like it not atach to what you want it to do,i have 2 wheels both logitech 1 wingman ffb, which the gear shifter,stop working so try the other one it a momo ,is there setting to get the wheel to react faster,use it at monza and turn into t1 had to wrestle the the car in,and another thing with the old wheel, can do do a 1.23 with this doing 127, ran a race to see ,if the set up ,but the same set up on the old wheel 1.23 new wheel 127,the wheel is a logitech momo if there a set up for it,like to get it