F1 2014 Logitech Wheel Bug

F1 2014 The Game (Codemasters)
I can't really put v-sync on as it makes my system stutter for some reason (three screen setup). With it off it's mostly okay though I've triggered the bug by fiddling with the override device setting and it also happened after I used a flashback.
I have Logitech G27 and after i turned on V-Sync FFB is much much better. You can now really feel the car. I hope V-Sync is not changing my graphic experience... i have IPS monitor 60Hz refresh rate ?
Guys, vsync causes input lag. It's much better to limit the framerate using something like Nvidia inspector. Here is a tutorial on how to set it up - once you have it set up you never need to touch it again.

For AMD cards I imagine there's a way to do the same thing, maybe with RadeonPro.