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Logitech Profiler - How do you use it?

Mar 21, 2014
I'm somewhere between a casual and hardcore for racing games. I have done a search of "logitech" and read through the posts about the logitech profiler for my DFGT.

I need definitive information.
As an example: Some posts say "yes, check that box".... other posts say "NO, don't check that box". It's a constant yes vs no in post after post.

Is the profiler supposed to replace the game's ffb instructions?
How does the profiler work?
Can I edit the profiler ffb commands to get stronger ffb?
Can I edit the games ffb commands in each game so I can get similar feel among the various games?
Is the profiler supposed to add to the adjustments for the game's ffb instructions?

I tried to test my first question:
I closed the Logitech Profiler. I didn't minimize, I completely closed the program.
The R3E ffb felt good, but the throttle and brakes were too sensitive. Even after changing the settings in the game. I only used 0 or 100 so I could feel what that particular setting does.

So I opened the Logitech profiler.
I follow this forums tutorials/fellow racer's settings.
Create R3E profile.
Used "options" to make sure it is using that profile and not the global default profile
I UNcheck "allow game to make adjustments".
Changed the accelerator and brake settings.
Pedals feel great.
Steering ffb still needed slight tweaks

Then, I go into the r3e game settings and turn off all ffb in the game settings.
Make sure my logitech profile is still selected and go back into the game.
SUPPOSEDLY, I'm using the ffb settings from the Logitech Profiler.
NO ffb at all in the game.
What use is that check box "allow game to make adjustments"?

I have spent days working with:
F1 2011 (love the ffb)
Dirt3 (love it)
R3E (awesome steering feel - but setting up cars is time consuming)
DTM Experience (same as R3E)
GTR2 (same as R3E)
F1 2012 (trash)
F1 2014 (feel is between 2011 & 2012 - leaning more towards 2012.)
Shift2 (trash)
Grid2 (trash)
Grid Autosport (steering feel is the worst of the group - but it's the only racing game that doesn't give me blurred vision)

So - how is Logitech Profiler supposed to be used?


Prince with a thousand enemies
Aug 1, 2011
Its been a while since I had a Logitech wheel, but when I did I would use the profiler to create individual profiles for each game and override the in game settings. Simply because every games FFB setting options were different (F1 201x has maybe 1/4 the options of rFactor for example).

In the profiler itself, settings will of course be different if you want to maintain a certain feel. It would be pretty much impossible to have one, global set of FFB settings that would result in the same feel between all games.
Mar 21, 2014
Thanks Evan,
I guess the point I'm trying to make is:

I don't understand how the profiler works
Or how the profiler and the game works together.

In my experiment:
*I set the R3E in-game force feedback to 0.
*Made sure my Logitech Profiler force feedback was set to 100% and as high as 150%.
*Made sure the Logitech profile for R3E was selected.
*Made sure to UNCHECK "allow game to make changes"
Shouldn't the Logitech Profiler override the game settings?

When I went back into the game, I had NO force feedback. So that just showed me that the Logitech Profiler DOES NOT override in-game ffb settings.

So what am I doing wrong? How does the profiler work?