Logitech G920 steering rotation issues. [PC] [ACC] [F1 2019]


I am running some issues with my logitech g920 wheel.

My wheel doesn't seems to mirroring 1:1 my input. For example if I will turn my wheel by 45 degrees in game it moves 90.

Some background:


ACC 1.3.1

Windows 10 Home 1909 with January updates

Logitech GHub 2020.1.31155

Logitech gaming software 9.02.65

I had this issue since I bought the wheel however I was new to sim racing, F1 game allows to tweak it the way it wasn't a problem. In addition force feedback in f1 games isn't the greatest so I wasn't even noticing that I am receiving limited feedback from wheel due to de-synchronised rotation.

And here comes the assetto corsa competizione, boy! what a game this is. I was astonished how much details g920 can give, the road effects, car movement... BUT This could be felt only while minimal steering input while applying more everything disappear.

At this point I was still using the Logitech GHub.

For some reason I moved to Logitech gaming software and this was salvation. Wheel finally started to simulated my input 1:1. This was great I've got even more feedback from the game and the wheel. I stopped sliding in every corner cause I had the feeling in my hands when I pushing car over the limit. While adding little bit of steering angle I got little bit more angle not like whole turn.

For 2 months I was really happy about the wheel. I've started to enjoy simracing as much as I wanted to.

And here comes the Windows 10 format.

I did format my OS, tried to replicate the steps I did fist time, so install Ghub then uninstall it and remove the leftovers from %appdata%, restart and install LGS. It didn't work that way.

I spent 2 days doing format by format and searching in google for solution.

Tried everything including demo sdk software for LGS removing, reinstalling software in all configurations.

I did everything I could apart from 1 solution provided by someone who said he had similar issue and it's due microsoft drivers - while installing the LGS/GHub and plugging the will to PC there are additional Xbox controller bla bla... drivers being installed and if I could prevent windows from installing this it would work. Solution he provided includes blocking the drivers via GPO, but since I've got Home edition of OS I don't have such options.

I tried to work around that and just unplug the internet connection while installing drivers, but it didn't work.

At the moment LGS doesn't give me the FBB in game. It gives a force but no road/car details.

Ghub works but gives incorrect rotation. The "workaround" is to set steering linearity within a game, but then wheel act bit strange and it's limiting the FBB compared to when it was working find with LGS.

Wheel itself is working fine on any measurement app(controls menu in ACC or calibration menu in windows), while moving 45 degrees it turns 45 degrees but when it comes to gaming it's not 1:1.

To avoid unnecessary question.

- I've got same rotation angle in game and in Logitech software.

- I did reinstall both game logitech software and OS couple of times.7

- I did tick the box in LGS to allow game to use it's force feedback.

- Tried different USB ports.

I am so close to throwing the wheel through the window and spending 4k$ for true simracing hardware.

Someone give me idea to turn off the steam input mapper, and it seems like while it is disabled and while using LGS wheel is not working at all in game.

What I've noticed that changing options in LGS doesn't seems to have any effect in game(no matter if input mapper is enabled or disabled). Just static force and no details.
another update:

I've managed to fix that - at least problem with rotation.
What I did, is instead of rebuilding the PC with Windows 10 1909 I have installed 1709 then installed the Logitech software and pushed the feature update to 1909. It did the magic.

I am still feeling that force feedback is not as before, details are not the same.
On brands hatch circuit the is huge bump at the end of Graham Hill turn, before it was very noticeable while going through this bump, right now i can barely feel the feedback.
I will work on that. Hopefully I will manage to fix it...