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What racing gear do you use while sim racing?

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Logitech G29 snaps on turn exit


Hi there,

I have bought in late December a Logitech G29 and the Assetto Corsa game. I have set the game with FFB Clip and LUT generator and I played ever since. The FFB still felt a little bit odd, but this was my first wheel with FFB ever (the first one without ffb was 10-15 years ago). I didn't talk directly and openly with anybody about simracing (only with other races in online races), until last night when I realized I might have a real issue with the G29.

The problem is that after I exit a turn, the wheel keeps pushing in the same direction and it's very hard to turn it in a straight line, like the FFB is blocked somehow and then, suddenly, it just snaps out in position. This makes me fight the car on exit corners and straights, and sometimes it takes to do multiple wheel changes to take control again and not crash.

Until now I thought that maybe all the G29's are making this snap after some turns. Yesterday, the most obvious was on Zandvoort circuit, after the hairpin turn and upon the hill, you have a fast right-left-right sequence of turns. When I exit the hairpin, I have to accelerate and straighten the wheel, but the FFB keeps pushing the wheel to the left and then ... SNAP and I have to make small adjustments to keep the car straight while I also keep to the right and then to the left. This happens on other circuits and turns as well.

Did someone experience something similar or is my G29 broken somehow?

My FFB settings will be:
FFB Clip: Dynamic OFF, Maximum threshold: 120
LUT curve generated

GAIN: 100
Min something: 0
Max something: 0
Kerbs: 10
Road: 16
Slip: 10 or 15
no enhanced oversteer

Center spring checked (I feel like there is no FFB at all without it ...)
Power: 30%
Sensitivity: 100%

Thank you all for your responses,
Kind regards,

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