Logitech G29 Auto Rotation Questions

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by suspectmonkey, May 3, 2018.

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    I've just recently purchased AMS (late to the party, but the Steam sale price was too good to resist!) and had a few teething problems getting my G29 to play nice with it. Basically my G29 was set to 900deg in every car, even if that car should only have, for example, 360deg rotation.

    After some searching online I found two options:

    1. In AMS set Auto Steering Rotation to "On", then in the car setup screen check the steering rotation for the car you wish to drive (e.g. 360deg) and set that in the Logitech Gaming Software as the Wheel Operating Range.

    2. In Steam checkout the logitechg29 beta branch of AMS, set Auto Steering Rotation to "On" and in the Logitech Gaming Software leave the Wheel Operating Range at 900deg.

    Both of these approaches seem to work and I'm assuming they achieve the same thing? Both of them seem to apply a soft steering lock, but Option 2 has the added benefit that it's all done automatically for you. Are there any differences between the two other than the convenience of not having to manually set steering lock when you use the beta branch?

    I'd like to put together a video to show how to setup the G29 correctly for AMS as I was surprised I couldn't find anything on YouTube already, but I'd like to understand it a bit better first ;)
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    Following on with what Alex said in the patch thread, use option 2 to get the experience Reiza intended.

    Another alternative would be to set your Logitech profiler to a set rotation of your choosing and switching off auto rotation. Then adjust lock in the tuning menu to suit your taste. For more response increase lock, and vice versa. Something like 450 degrees of rotation is a good compromise between the different vehicle types.
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