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Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Alex McRacing, Mar 27, 2016.

  1. Alex McRacing

    Alex McRacing

    Tried out Automobilista for the first time today and it was great apart from massive lag in my control inputs. FPS seemed good so I was wondering/hoping if the settings for the wheel are the problem. So does anyone have some nice G27 settings that they could share please :thumbsup:

    I already have the logitech profiler set up with good settings. Just wondering about in game settings and real feel (if that's still here)
  2. sephres


    If you dont have steering assist, which when enabled your steering input is not exactly what you see happening and may feel like lag, I may be wrong but i think i've read that VSync can cause that lag feeling on the wheel.

    Regarding settings, check bellow and see if it helps.

    Whit my g25 i've done something that I found, not sure if here or other forum, to remove/reduce the deadzone of the ffb and it felt better afterwards, I think the 3rd post on that link is related, but when i did involved using a wheelcheek tool.

    Maybe someone with more expertise can help, or you can google it. ;)
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