Logitech G27 doesn't work anylonger??

Hello Fellas
My Logitech G27+Hshifter has stopped working, it goes beyond my knowledge why. I have tried uninstalling/ and reinstalling my driver without any difference, no matter what i have done so far the controller is not reckonized when i want to make a setup in the game settings. What to do?
It works without problems in FarmingSimulator 19
I hope someone is able to help me

Kimmo Kokkonen

Lord GTR3, His master's voice
Before I bought my current G29 wheel my old G27 was suddenly broken, the reason was a little plastic optical encoder disc, see video below. Very cheap plastic part "destroyed" the whole wheel. Found the same part from my old Logitech wheel and changed it, then the wheel again works perfectly and it is still okei. I bought newer G29 because I got it for a good price and I needed more buttons for F1 racing.