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Hi Guys,

Just a quickie, I'm using a cheapy saitek wheel without force feedback. I intend to purchase aG25 soon. How much difference could a decent wheel make to a driver? Obviously I'll get more feedback as I don't get any now except tyre screeching, but does it make it easier to drive?

Bram Hengeveld

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Dec 26, 2006
Hi benoire, i dont think it makes a big difference. Now that i am on the G25 i am not faster then on the old Momo i used.
But it feels more real, more sensations. Two members of the RPM raceteam wrote a review on the G25, maybe its good to read that before you buy it (dont get too exited then :))

Neo[RPM]'s review: click here

Spoon[RPM]'s review: click here


Thanks mate,

I just hope that the addtion of feedback and a decent sized wheel will help.

Are there any replays showing the quick guys in action? I'm eager to learn :)