Logitech G25 Optical encoder problem + G29 questions


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Jul 4, 2017
Good day,

Does anyone know if there's anyway to check if the optical sensor is working with like a multimeter?

The optical encoder wheel was broken I glued it quite a few years ago and was working, but recently the wheel was getting harder to move so I opened it up and the other motor without the encoder is a bit harder to turn, I left it fully deep in WD40 and used a 9V battery to turn it inside the oil, then thrown alcohol all over it and then sprayed with anti-greaser cleaning, then oiled the bearings, but sadly didnt fix it, the motor is still a bit harder to turn :(.

Anyway I rechecked the encoder wheel and was broken again, I glued it again and doesnt work anymore, but the optical sensor got misaligned too and I don't know if it caught a bit of water, that's why I would like to know if theres anyway to check if its still working and if its too hard to align it again.

If the optical sensor is not good I would not order a expensive new encoder, they still ask around 20$ or more for just that little crap.

If the Logitech G29 goes back to 200€ again in a promotion I will probably buy it.

Also I have this questions for Logitech G29:

- Is there any cheap known full conversion kit to brushless motors? (Full kit with motors+controller);
- Is there any cheap magnetic pots for the G29 pedals?
- Is there any cheap magnetic pots for the G29 H-Shifter?
- Can I use my G25 H-shifter in G29 (and is there also some magnetic pots for G25 H shifter)?

Sorry for too much questions ;).

Thank You
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