Logitech G25 Calibration problem

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Trooja, Nov 7, 2014.

  1. Trooja


    1,5 month ago I tried drifting with my G25, suddenly I noticed it's out of center, went off the game and unpluged usb and then plugged in again. It tried to calibrate itself 3 times, never finished it, went right -> left and then stopped, did it 3 times and then just stopped and didn't do nothing. Took it into pieces and found the problem I thought -> Encoder was totally broken, it had 3 cracks on it.. So I ordered new encoder, mad of metal. Installed it yesterday and drove 40 laps to test it.. Everything was working fine.. Today I went to race again and was able to do 16 laps and it was off center again.. Just seems like there is something else wrong.. :/

    Anyone familiar with problem or suggest something? At the moment I thought the next thing would change capacitors, there's 3 of them on the board..

    Funny thing is that before new encoder, it turned all the way to right, then left, but now it turns less, it doesnt steer even all the way to the right..

  2. Kevin Pols

    Kevin Pols

    Check the distance between the encoder wheel and the sensor. :)
    Furthermore, the metallic encoder wheels for G25 and G27 almost always need to be glued into place on the shaft after being properly aligned, or they WILL start wobbling eventually!