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Logitech Driving Force Gt Question

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by MPI_Mallard, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. MPI_Mallard


    My MOMO shift paddle crapped out and the good people at Logitech sent me a DFGT to replace it ,lets all hear it for Logitech!!! I really appreciate their dedication to me as a customer,you can't beat that kind of customer service!!! Now the problem i have is the tension/resistance for lack of a better definition is so high that it makes the wheel un-useable in tight turns. Now i went into the global setting and it made no difference and i assume that when the wheel's power supply is un-plugged it turns freely and plugged in the resistance is considerable,the must be a way to vary it somewhere. i'd appreciate any help and thanks in advance,Happy holidays to you and yours!
  2. GAIAjohan


    As I don't have DFGT anymore, I reviewed oine, these were my settings:

    Rotation is something you can choose yourself :p
  3. Todd Martelle

    Todd Martelle

    -Make sure your profiler is running before you start your game. When you first plugin your wheel it will have tonnes of resistance. Then when you start your profiler it will use whatever resistance you have it set to.

    - Download the latest and correct software for your wheel from Logitech. Install before hooking up your wheel.

    Edit: You also might need to run a clear calibration utility before doing all the above.
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