Logitech Driving Force GT 900 degrees of rotation FIX

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    If anyone is still interested in playing FM6 and FH3 on PC with your Logitech Driving Force GT I might have a solution.
    I wrote a small application which switches degrees of rotation programmatically (and doesn't rely on :Logitech drivers), since to my knowledge there is no button combination to achieve that,
    unlike for Driving Force Pro which I own. I expect the app to work on Driving Force GT too, but if it doesn't it is an easy fix, I will just need someone with the GT wheel
    and it shouldn't take more than 10 minutes to solve the problem.
    1. Download the application from http://www.mediafire.com/file/5bsu5ja1t9fxfzn/LOGI900.zip
    2. Extract the contents of the archive (important!)
    3. Run LOGI900.exe (no need to run as administrator)
    4. If your wheel is connected and running on generic driver, the program should recognize it, then just press any key to continue.
    5. IF everything works out as planned, you should hear a click in your wheel and a "Success!" message in application window.
    6. Play FM6 and FH3 with 900 degrees of rotation.
    If you do get an error "Something went wrong", it means that Driving force GT does not recognize the command my application is sending.
    To fix that, please contact me by mail melbardism@gmail.com and we'll fix it.
    Have fun!
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