Sell Logitech DFGT wheel/pedals (located in US)

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Marketplace' started by Azfalt Raser, Jul 8, 2016.

  1. Azfalt Raser

    Azfalt Raser

    Used Logitech DFGT wheel/pedals for the low price of........(raceroom content)......

    2 cars (Competizione & Bentley GT3 cars)
    1 livery (Ford GT GT3 black livery)
    I don't know what that would be in terms of real money. Hopefully it's good value for the buyer.

    The DFGT isn't perfect (it's used). I loaned it to a neighbor after I upgraded to Thrustmaster, last year. I'll try and set it up tomorrow and check to see if there is anything wrong with it.
    I'm pretty sure, I have all the original packaging.

    PM me if interested and we can work out how the heck to do something like this.
    I can give you more information on the condition after I set it up and test it.