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Logitech DFGT dpad setup?

Mar 21, 2014
I want to program my dpad for my pitstop menus/selections (like it does for the codemasters F1 games).

I assigned the dpad command to the pit menu items under primary functions.
I go into a race and I can't bring up the pitstop menu.

I "think" I read that the dpad doesn't work for R3E. Please correct me if I am wrong - and let me know how fix the issue.

I also read (somewhere - can't find it anymore) someone mapped the dpad to keyboard commands. Have no idea how to do that.

5 hours of searching - and still no resolution. HELP


Nov 26, 2010
There are separate buttons to bring up the pit stop menu and schedule a pit stop. The digital pad itself doesn't open the pit stop menu like it does in the F1 games.

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