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I've tried to install the Racer betas. I've tried 0.89 and 0.88 and both have crashed before even attempting to load! The black screen comes up, then a dialogue box. I attach the log. Something about CG shaders.

Any help is appreciated - my computer can cope with the best betas i'm sure.




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I'm no expert but I'd say you can't run CG shaders. Download the non-cg racer.exe file from the 0.8.9 release thread and see if it works. If not, try the latest non cg version (065b4?)
I feel awesome today, so maybe that helps:

Open Racer.ini (found in the same folder as the exe) with an editor of your choice and search for "shadowmapping" (wthout the " of course)
set enable to 0 and hope it works.

In the older Racer versions you could also make it work by searching for hdr / bloom and set the enable all to 0 and motion blur method to 0 (if it isn't zero by default, I never really remember the default values).
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