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LMP3 Sub Two Minute Lap At Sebring, July 28th 2020.

Here is Mike Skeen who is a paid professional driver at Sebring in an LMP3 yesterday with a lap time of 1:59.78. The in-car footage shows just how little brake he uses due to the aerodynamics of the car. I have driven hundreds of laps at Sebring in my Miata, and even going slightly slower :), I think I use more brake than he does.

A friend of mine drove in the Trans Am and other series for years in a mechanical grip TA1 car. He purchased an LMP3, and had a very difficult time driving it. Being used to mechanical grip for thirty years, he used the brake far too much in the LMP3. This caused the car to lose aero and therefore grip, and he struggled trying not to wreck for a lone period of time. He told me it was extremely difficult to get his mind to realize that faster in the corners was actually better.

If any of you want to drive a LMP3, I believe you can rent his to drive at Sebring or Daytona for $50,000.00 or so a day. PM me for info.

Another interesting thing is that at a local professional race shop, there was an LMP2 having some work done on it. Sitting next to a LMP3, it was amazing how much smaller the cockpit is in the LMP2. I squeezed in an LMP3 and I thought that was really crowded! The strangest part is getting in and out of the car as I had to climb in, turn, and spin my body 90 degrees. Also the pedal box is elevated so your knees are at chest level. I think my legs would go to sleep driving a full stint.

A crew member for the LMP2 told me that they estimate that each lap a Sebring costs $80.00 in consumables alone. You have to have deep pockets to own and drive one of these. There's a used one for sale here in Florida for $400,000.00 and that is without an engine. Stuff a 1.8 in it, and off you go!

Here's the video if you would like to watch it...

Daniel R.

That's a hugely impressive laps..

The prototypes got better and better aerodynamics wise. It's all about efficiency.
The aero of a LMP2 nowadays is so effective that they can drive with lots of wing on all tracks except le Mans.

At least that's what a friend in the industry told me.