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LiveTiming: To All Teams And Drivers

Thomas Mundy

Jan 1, 2010
We would like to make full use of the LiveRacers app and therefore we are requesting that all drivers and teams make an account at

When you make your account you will be able to add teams if you are a team manager and link driver names if you are a driver. Full details on how to do this can be found on the liveracers website.

When you are creating your account please put www.formula-simracing.net as your domain as this will add you to the league.

Please use your full names as display names (or as close as possible if already taken) on LiveRacers so we can easily work out who you are as admins.

Also when signing up only enter the team name if you are a team owner as only one person can have the team signed up. You can request to join the team once you are registered to the league on liveracers.
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