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F1 2019 Livery mix (crazy mod) (Liveries will be made by someone else)

F1 2019 The Game (Codemasters)


Here is the crazy livery that I made. It's called: Livery Mix game (for F1 2019 game liveries mod):

Here is my mix (for @jburon72, @KeisariKine, @phoenix84621 or @Kris):
1: 2000 Prost AP03

2: 2019 Williams FW42:

It's called: ROKiT Prost Peugeot

You can get 2 liveries to mix if you want. But I can't make these liveries because I don't know how to make liveries for F1 2019 yet.

Do not forget to send pictures from F1 2019 game.