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Live for Speed | New Development Progress Previews

Don't know why but LFS popped into my head and I downloaded it again after many years. Not much has changed I see. Still feels nice to drive though.

Why doesn't the guy in charge just let the modding scene in and at least make some tracks for it? I gave up with it after the Scirocco business.
I think it is to complicated to make tracks for this sim, check out how small the software is, or they don't want to give they tools to us. Only they know why.i think lot of people use this sim for nostalgic reason, but it still great to drive :)
And the VR still one of the best.
They should open it for modders for this could give a new life to this great Sim.
It's not easy to retroactively fit modding into a game. You need to make a robust underlying simulation that can handle change as well as expose an API. It can't have any "tricks" to make the physics work as they normally have unpreditable effects in the hands of modders (Tricks is an unjust word in this context. Optimisations is a fairer way of putting but I didn't think you'd understand my point if I used that word).

We should be very greatfull this community as Assetto Corsa!
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